Monday, 19 May 2014

Dear jerk

dear jerk.
why it's so hard to forget and forgive u
although it has been months
lucky u, because u have won
to tear me into pieces
thank you

dear jerk.
I still remember till now
the moment when u said that u're single
the moment u said i'm your only one
the moment u give your hope
to our hopeless love

dear jerk.
Don't u remember her ? ur ex
maybe still ur special one at that time
ahh. i'll never blame her
i thought u have nothing with her
maybe my bad
to put the trust on you

dear jerk.
until now, i still blame myself
why did I fall to u ?
u're not hot, u're not cool
u have nothing special
to be proud of 

dear jerk.
u're so good in pretending
like nothing wrong with u
like nothing wrong with us
u just fooling me with everything !!

dear jerk.
but, still a zillion thank you for u
because u have teach me something
and leaving me for someone who deserve me
again, thank you


Anonymous said...

Jangan disebabkan seorang lelaki. Habis semua lelaki dipandang negatif. Btw, focus on your study. Keep going and dont look back ! Be a strong girl Nurul Hasanah Zulkifli.

Nurul Hasanah said...

thanks anonymous

Anonymous said...

Same2 Nurul Hasanah :-)

twinscraftlife said...

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Sakit hati balik bila baca ni.. memang tengah sakit hati dengan 'JERK" ni.. sobs!!!