Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sweet SOUR in KPMSi

Assalammualaikum, i feel glad to write in my blog again...I miss my blog damnly...and currently, im a new student of Kolej Profesional Mara Seri Iskandar..I've got many friends here, and teachers...but yet, Im still in progress to make myself comfort here and adapt with the new environment..New life as college student quite challenging..all those (open) thing, very different from my school must go on, I have to go through this way, it was my choice! I know I can! and I hope, all readers will pray for me, to be strong, istiqamah and always put the trust on Him, the most mighty and the great listener. :D

Life here just like those colleges and universities, same rules maybe also same routine..but, my place just not so big like Taylor or Inti, yet I feel very grateful to be here..I know, every things that happen must have the reason :)

For Foundation in Business, I have to take 6 subjects, which are math, business essential, principle of marketing, english in busness, and managing self..The important thing is I have no more Chemistry, Biology or Addmath here..hahaha :D 

And we went to Malacca for our first asessment, and its turn to my awesome trip ever ! there, I manage myself to become more open-minded and learned to tolerate with public..

first stop at R&R Tapah, highway 

first pose with my college's bus

ignore me, hey i bought new spectacle

the unknown people :p

this guy was from Australia, named Hamish

And I just fell down yesterday while playing basketball..but luckily, my new nike shoes saved.I fell very hard..It was so painful, I can still feel the pain till this second..I've got swollen on my left leg..The big one.. :(
Guys, please pray for my health..How can I go to class tomorrow, with this condition?? Oh, my pretty leg, please do it for me :')

Till then, bye :D


Shafinaz Faizal said...

comelnyaa spec hasanaaahhh :D

Falihin Najmi said...

i just stalk you.